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Bizology Soundbites Podcast

Jo Soley

The Bizology Soundbites Podcast is for business owners who understand there is a very real and powerful force higher than them and are interested in using this force to move forward in their life and business. Introducing Bizology – using the powers of numerology to elevate your business success. Nothing works unless you do and Bizology enables you to drop the ‘hard’ and hustle and align to your numbers as these hold all the magic you need for YOU to be successful. When you understand YOUR numbers then the business strategy, messaging, branding and visibility that you need to grow your business becomes within reach - as you are here to do a specific job and your numbers show you how to do this. Host Jo Soley, founder of Bizology invites listeners to open their minds to the powers of the numbers and look within – forget a business plan Bizology shows you a treasure map. The intention of each episode is to leave listeners with Bizology insights, tools, tips and new perspectives to make a difference in their business and life. Check out the most recent episodes below! Then make sure you subscribe to listen on your favourite podcast platform! Take Jo with you on your walk, car journey or pottering around the house.
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